New format and enhanced formula

Yogurísimo presented practical packaging in a box with a lid, as well as a formula fortified with vitamins.Argentina.- Danone-La Serenísima, which recently renewed all its Yogurísimo brand yogurts with a new enhanced formula to achieve optimal levels of vitamins A, D and B12, has now introduced a new 1-kilogram container in Tetra format, more practical because it has a lid and is easier to store.

This initiative is part of Danone-La Serenísima’s dynamic of constant renewal, which surprises consumers with new alternatives. An example of this was the recent launch of Yogurísimo Duo Mousse, a delicious, affordable and healthy option for dessert every day.

The new format in the box is part of the spirit of the company, which today, more than ever, wants to be close to its consumers. For this reason, the focus of Danone-La Serenísima is on accessibility and innovation, trying to bring dairy products closer to as many people as possible, with attractive proposals for the needs and tastes of every type of consumer.

Vitamins A, D and B12 together with other essential nutrients present in the new formula of the entire Yogurísimo line help to achieve optimal levels of nutrition. They were included after various studies such as the one conducted by the Argentine Nutrition Society, which shows that a large part of the population does not consume the recommended levels of some essential nutrients.

“In a context where today’s consumers want to eat in a healthier way, the company’s obligation is to accompany them with products that meet these needs and are as tasty as they are healthy. To this end, at Danone – La Serenísima, we continue to work to provide people with more and better options for healthy eating with high nutritional value, adapted to the needs of each consumer,” said Facundo Etchebehere, Director of Corporate Affairs at Danone Argentina.

Yogurt is of great importance in the diet of children and adults because it provides essential nutrients in all periods of life. In this sense, Yogurísimo aims to contribute with diet optimal for all Argentinians, and at the same time invites them to introduce healthier habits. Yogurísimo has been with families for many years, and with this new packaging, it emphasizes its desire for a daily presence on the Argentine table.

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