New formulas of microencapsulated vitamin B

LycoRed designed them exclusively for the nutrition of hair and nails, based on vitamin B complex and amino acids LycoRed, Israel, announces new concepts designed exclusively for the nutrition of hair and nails, based on vitamin B complex and amino acids. Formulations, produced with LycoRed microencapsulation technology, will be exhibited at the VitaFoods fair to be held in Geneva from May 22 to 24.

“Vitamin B complex is necessary for the correct synthesis of RNA and DNA and for cell reproduction,” explains Karina Bedrack, sales manager at LycoRed. “Since our skin, hair and nails are constantly growing, we need to give our bodies the right nutrition, especially vitamins such as thiamin (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2) and biotin, as well as choline, to maintain and restore hair. and nails. These vitamins are especially needed after a long, cold winter in which they are damaged. A deficiency in any of these nutrients can cause hair loss and weak, brittle nails.”

The combination of different nutrients with different organoleptic properties in food supplements is not always easy, because bad smells and tastes are not pleasant, as for example with vitamin B1, methionine, etc. It is very important to use microencapsulation technology with these ingredients to hide these unwanted aspects. Now, with new LycoRed formulas, the manufacturer’s options are expanding. “With our advanced microencapsulation technology, it is possible to hide unpleasant odors and tastes in ‘inner beauty’ products that help maintain the vitality of hair and nails,” explains Bedrack. “The biggest challenge with vitamin B is to offer a product without fragrance. LycoRed was able to overcome this challenge.”

Being a highly innovative research-based company, LycoRed knows that the consumer is aware of the benefits of B vitamins and amino acids as components of hair protein and nail protection. Consumers are looking for a simple solution to supplement their diet. LycoRed microcapsules allow “inner beauty” providers to offer this convenience by giving supplement manufacturers the ability to create a high quality product that captures the attention of consumers. Microencapsulation significantly improves the fluidity and nature of B vitamin and amino acid tablets. The highly hygroscopic nature of amino acids benefits the LycoRed technology by increasing fluidity and preventing product loss during production. The product is stable in the form of tablets and hard capsules.

LycoRed is a science-based company with regional operations in the US, Europe and Israel. It provides natural carotenoids and a wide range of other food ingredients and colorants to the dietary supplement, functional food and beverage, and nutricosmetics industries worldwide.

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