New image of the Volcano from Lanzarote

The project redefines her image, bringing it closer to cultural identity

International.- Avanza Packaging was developed for the Vulcano winery in Lanzarote, a project that redefines its image, brings it closer to the cultural identity of the island and helps it position itself in the growing and successful Canarian wine market. This change revolves around the ‘winery-boutique’ identity that has been breathed into its wine store, a space where the culture and philosophy of Vulcan is known, and which, above all, refers to the concept of production. limited production of young wines and a few fermentations per year.

“Since 2009, we have been working to offer wines of excellent quality, with a unique characteristic taste given by the volcanic Malvasia variety,” says Víctor Díaz, winery manager. With a production of around 100,000 bottles per year, the Vulcano winery has five references: dry volcanic malvasia, rosé, sweet, semi-sweet volcanic malvasia and red. The design inspiration for the new packaging evokes the skyline of Lanzarote, with the profile of the mighty Timanfaya volcano, and the lines of the horizon that remind us of the endless Atlantic Ocean.

The cultivation of vines in Lanzarote is practically manual and unique in the world. The vine is grown in a deep hole in the shape of an inverted cone covered with volcanic sand, which protects the plant from the wind and provides it with moisture.

This young winery is the only one in the Canary Islands that was a pioneer in having its own ‘must bank’, keeping them at low temperatures to produce wine at different times of the year, achieving exceptional quality and giving freshness to the white products (volcanic malvasia dry and semi-sweet). and rosés. This young wine is sold under the recognizable ‘Vulcano Joven’, limited edition.

Source: Interempresas

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