New picture of the Iruela family

Spain. – The agency Vibranding, specialized in brand and packaging design, is responsible for the project of the new image of the Familia Iruela product.

The first step of the process consisted of redesigning the logo to place it in the premium category (sobriety, black and white, elegant fonts, etc.) and giving a clear and elementary slogan (Iruela Family – since 1975).

“Visually, we are leading the brand towards a certain sophistication; narratively, according to the values ​​of tradition, experience and familiarity. In short, we didn’t want to move away from the two areas of Iruela: the excellent logo and the popular slogan,” details from the agency.

The logo is supplemented with an image of an olive branch and olive blades crossed in an epic and recognizable way. As for the label, the agency has kept visuals reminiscent of folklore, but with a modern style.

“We start from the aesthetics of polka dot dresses and pickle them in the aesthetics of digital pictograms to create current motifs. Traditional Andalusian aesthetics with a contemporary approach. That’s how the mole became a high-heeled shoe, an earring or a fan,” explains experts from Vibranding.

Each variety of olive has a different icon. Different graphic elements are organized into autonomous areas to facilitate their hierarchy and visibility: the logo and the intimate story of the brand’s history.

Source: Vibranding.

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