New product development driven by immune support ingredients

Companies take advantage of science and technology for development Ingredients which promote the well-being of immunity. This is in an attempt to keep up with the increased interest in immune supporting ingredients.

Physical and mental well-being is a key factor that guides consumers towards a healthy lifestyle.

So it’s no surprise that foods that boost vitality and improve immunity are one of the key drivers for food and ingredient formulators around the world.

In this sense, experts research the latest trends in the field ingredients to support immunity and what made them necessary for consumers all year round.

Experts indicate that a well-functioning immune system that can effectively fight infections is an asset in today’s world.

New products with ingredients that strengthen immunity

The launch of new products with immunity claims has increased in recent years. And they accelerated significantly during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Most of these launches are in the healthcare sector, followed by dairy products, baby food and food drinks.

The global pandemic is causing changes in the healthcare market, leading to increased interest in improving health and well-being. And a focus on immune health through proactive approaches.

This shift is visible in examples such as the growth of daily vitamin and mineral supplements. Which reflects a desire for ongoing support rather than reactive solutions.

Almost half of global consumers are aware of probiotics (up from 42% in 2019). While 70% recognize the link between gut health and immune health, according to Kerry’s research.

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Demand creates innovation

In particular, a renewed focus on the role of gut health in immunity is reshaping product development.

Experts indicate that around 70% to 80% of immune cells reside in the gut, underscoring the importance of a balanced gut microbiome to support immune function.

Therefore, consumers are now looking for products that address immune health and promote immune support. gut microbiomeso formulators have more needs to address than ever.

This trend highlights the significant potential of prebiotics as a key ingredient for immune support products and provides vital clues about the future nutracéutico sector.

Finally, the trend toward functional drinks presents exciting opportunities for manufacturers, especially with younger consumers increasingly rejecting alcohol and other categories of beverages they consider unhealthy.

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