Nolita, such a friendly and gentle aroma

It is a new conceptually different wine, designed for women of conviction who like fruity varieties.Argentina.- Finca las Moras, a winery that produces conceptually different wines, continues to set trends, this time presenting Nolita with a very innovative proposal. Its name was inspired by a small and innovative district of New York, north of Little Italy. But it also meant those women who have interesting lives and do what they want, not out of rebellion, they simply have convictions and carry them out.

Nolita creates a new category in Argentina, based on the behavior of younger consumers; a category that is a trend in the country and in the rest of the world, i.e varieties fruit.

Refreshing, friendly, slightly sweet wines, with delicate fruit aromas and for relaxed drinking. “Wines to drink with sunglasses”, together with those friends who are more than sister’s friends.

Nolita comes in three variants:
– Chardonnay & pear: A wine of fresh and smooth style, golden color, which combines the aroma of ripe and juicy pear with the elegance of Chardonnay grapes. In the mouth, it is sweet, with balanced acidity, in which the flavors of honey stand out.
– Suavignon blanc & passion fruit: Soft and delicate wine. Greenish in color, which concentrates the citrus and fresh aroma of Passion Fruit with the wild character of the Sauvignon Blanc grape. In the mouth it is balanced and sweet, with a good body, with an emphasis on herbaceous aromas.
– Malbec & berries rosé: a wine that maintains a fresh and urban style. A gentle and delicate pink color, which expresses intense and fresh aromas of forest fruits, combined with the personality of the Malbec grape. It’s in your mouth dulce with balanced tannins and flavors reminiscent of strawberries, blueberries and currants. With a good finish and pleasant taste.

In the beginning, the production of Nolita is exactly the same as any other wine. The grapes are picked at the exact point of ripeness, resulting in varieties with character, balanced acidity and mild sweetness. At the end of fermentation, these products are clarified, filtered and natural fruit essences from different parts of the world are added before packaging.

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