NOM-173 will undergo some changes and will affect these products

This project will replace NOM-173 which focused on juices, coconut water, nectars, vegetable or fruit soft drinks, vegetable or flavored soft drinks-name-specifications-commercial information and test methods.

Within the food industry, the NOM-173-SE-2021 project is relevant for those who want to export or import of agricultural and food products to meet international standards.

  • In addition, you will be able to avoid a possible “product freeze” until you start a new labeling.

In that sense, Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) made its nutrition, health and environmental testing laboratory, located in Naucalpan, Mexico, available to companies aiming Provide beverage, food and environmental analysis services to companies.

  • In this way, the laboratories will be able to evaluate the content of various prepackaged products intended for the final consumer, such as the drinks listed in NOM-173-SE-2021.

In addition to various types of testing and data verification, products can be evaluated through a sampling process.

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When would the update to NOM-173 be implemented?

Provisions relating to the commercial information that must be included on the labels of products sold to the final consumer within the national territory, enters into force on January 1, 2023.

However, from January 1, 2023 to September 30, 2023 the use of media that sticks to the label is allowed in accordance with the provisions of this transition, as long as they exactly conform to the commercial information set forth in this Official Mexican Standard.

Importers may use labels, adhesives or adhesive labels on labels, containers or packaging of the origin of imported products, as long as they accurately comply with all elements of the commercial information specified in this Official Mexican Standard.

It should be noted that the new regulations do not apply to the following products:

  • Coffee that requires preparation by percolation or extraction with water and is sold as a prepackaged soft drink.
  • Products that require a method of preparation by adding water or other natural or transformed liquid.

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