NOVEREK creates high-protein yogurt with beta-glucans

NOVEREK has developed a new product consisting of high-protein Greek yogurt enriched with Ganoderma Betaglucans. This product aims to provide protein levels that allow satiety, proper nutrition and promote balance in the immune system. This yogurt is unique because it benefits many people who want to maintain and improve their quality of life.

There are various natural products aimed at improving the health of the immune system, and these include a healthy diet, a healthy diet, organic products. NOVEREK yogurt is an innovative solution for consumers because the incorporated beta-glucans are present in high concentrations since they are extracted from the fungus Ganoderma Lucidum, which is more favorable for health.

When analyzing the main functional food applications, the company found that the market favors dairy applications such as yogurt. This paper seeks to demonstrate the benefits of incorporating β-glucan from Ganoderma Lucidum into Greek-style whipped yogurt. β-glucans were added at a concentration of 0.15% before pasteurization, and the effects of this addition on the physicochemical and sensorial properties of yogurt were evaluated.

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