Noverek, innovations and solutions for industry challenges

One of the goals of the Jalisco company Sisters is to generate positive changes for well-being companies and consumers with the development and distribution of intelligent solutions that help create well-being through healthy and sustainable products for companies dedicated to food production and plastic processing.

In it food sector Some of Noverek’s most innovative proposals are substitutes for sugar and fat, substitutes for emulsifiers and stabilizers, mixtures vegetable proteinswhich are present in development such as Go keto, Go wellness and Go skin, from the Go By Noverek line.

“We go hand in hand with the industry, making available the technical knowledge and experience of our staff, as well as that of our brands that we represent from Denmark, France, Spain and the United States,” comments Jessica Vilchis, director at Noverek.

The company strives to collaborate and create solutions to keep the various companies using its services in compliance with government regulations, such as the new Mexican Official Standard 051 which regulates the labeling of prepackaged food and soft drinks.

Vilchis comments that in the case of the plastics industry, there has been strong pressure from governments at various levels to ban the use of plastics since previous years. plastic. With our technology and the technical support we provide, we help industrialists to offer products that meet the established requirements.

“Today, without fear of making a mistake, I can say that a large part of disposable consumables and food packaging in our country contains our additive for accelerated biodegradation to ensure a circular economy, and all this for responsible compliance with regulations,” explains Jessica Vilchis.

With empathy and a spirit of support in the current situation caused by the pandemic COVID-19Noverek opened a online store which is specially designed for micro-entrepreneurs who are limited in the possibilities of investing in stocks. The virtual store is located on their sitealong with all information about other products and applications.

In addition, Noverek offers larger presentations for larger clients.

The Jalisco company has new production facilities for customization and/or maquila processes. In addition, it offers presentations starting at 200 kilograms per batch with packaging capacity in bags, doy pack bags and envelopes.

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