Oatmeal for vegans, Nestlé’s new alternative

Spain. – Ideal Avena from Nestlé is a vegetable base for sauces and light creams, made with whole oats it comes from organic cultivation and with which it tries to position itself within the sustainable vegan sector.

The new product was created due to the new needs of consumers to eat more natural and much healthier food. For this reason, this food has been developed Official bio and vegan certificates and is supplied in a 204 milliliter carton format.

This new member of the family Nestléand the development and production of Ideal’s new vegetable recipe were carried out at Nestlé’s Asturias plant in Sebares.

What is vegan oatmeal?

That’s called vegan oatmeal since no chemical ingredients, animal origin, sweeteners or artificial flavors are used during preparation.

It is great food provides good amounts magnesium, copper, iron, zinc and vitamin B1as well as small doses of calcium, folic acid and other B vitamins. In addition, it is very rich in manganese.

It is a cereal rich in nutrients. This is food it is considered healthy because of its effects on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In addition to benefits for cardiovascular health, the nervous system, the digestive system and even for weight loss, oats are ranked first cereals.

It should be noted that oats do not contain gluten, but the so-called protein hiddenso it is a product that is placed as a favorite among consumers who base their diet on a diet without gluten.

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