Olive oil and tomatoes, a healthy combination

It is a novelty in the gourmet line of olive oil products that offers another unique experience with excellent taste.Brazil.- An increasing number of people want to consume food products that have health benefits. One of them is already consolidated on the market olive oil extra virgin which has many benefits, such as helping to reduce belly fat, helping to protect the body from osteoporosis and controlling cholesterol. For this reason, the company Folhas Oliva combined olive oil and tomatoes rich in lycopene, foods that are very useful for health, in a new product: Red olive oil, the first olive oil with tomatoes produced in the world.

The production process required extensive research in order to be able to present to the market an aroma that, apart from being innovative, combines a unique taste and smell in one product, along with the already established benefits of olive oil and tomatoes.

“Tomato paper with extra virgin olive oil delivers flavor spices, and additionally enhances the natural benefits of the product. After all, tomatoes have lycopene and olives have oleuropein, molecules that have been widely researched as antioxidants,” said Cosmo Pacetta, director of Folhas de Oliva.

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