Oreo is now chocolate

Mondelez International brings the Oreo chocolate line to Mexico, which has four presentations.

Mexico.- Mondel?z International has announced the launch of a line of chocolates that will be on sale from October 2018, with which it intends to be a new player in the chocolate empire in Mexico.

The chocolate line will consist of 4 products, all with pieces of biscuits:

• Oreo ball, chocolate in the form of a ball filled with milk

• Oreo crunchy white chocolate

• Oreo dark chocolate crunchy bar

• Oreo creamy chocolate bar filled with cream

In this regard, Miguel Ángel Álvarez, director of sales planning at Mondel?z México, pointed out: “This launch reinforces the company’s commitment to Mexico, a market that has enjoyed 3 years of financial stability and is a growth engine for the company. Latin America region.

With an investment of 7 million dollars in the first year, the launch of Chocolate Oreo will be distributed by Mondelz México, which today reaches 800 thousand points of sale, the company reported in a statement.

The company has more than 40 factories worldwide dedicated to the production of chocolate. In the case of Mexico, the production of Oreo Chocolate will take place through the Curitiba factory in Brazil.

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