Organic and sustainable coffee

New gourmet coffee grown and made using ancestral methods in harmony with natural elements.Mexico.- Campo Vivo, presented a new organic coffee gourmand, available in four presentations: American, Low caffeine, Espresso and frozen. All are certified by BioAgricert and are sold in supermarkets and specialized stores in the country.

Grown and made according to ancestral methods in harmony with natural elements, supported by an international organic certificate and, additionally, placed on the market in accordance with the principles of fair trade.

This coffee is grown by a cooperative of coffee growers (CASFA – Agroecological Center of San Francisco de Asís) from the Maya Mam ethnic group, and they grow it with their ancestral knowledge on the fertile volcanic soil of the highest mountain ranges and irrigate it with rainwater, organically fertilized and hand-harvested, fermented and carefully dried in the sun to improve its virtues, aromas and flavors that will undoubtedly delight the palate.

Agricultural land and production processes are certified organic in order to offer consumers a quality product with the certainty that it was grown without the use of artificial inputs, that is, a natural consumer product without chemical residues, with benefits for the Mexican countryside and its farmers because their methods preserve the richness of their soil and are harmless for the health of those who cultivate the fields.

“Campo Vivo is a specialized professional marketing channel that enables the development and sustainable growth of the Mexican countryside while responding to the increasing demand of Mexican consumers for quality organic products,” said Mateo Dornier, director and founder of Campo Vivo. .

“El coffee shop, is an emblematic product of sustainable development and fair trade worldwide. It is synonymous with cultural identity, economy, social and ecological development. We are proud to be able to add this product to our offer of more than 100 products, and to offer the Mexican market the possibility of consuming high-quality national organic coffee grown responsibly, with little impact on the environment and contributing to social development. and the country’s economy,” Dornier concluded.

According to experts, coffee consumption helps improve concentration, increases mental activity and creativity, because it contains stimulants of the nervous system, facilitates coordination, improves mood and coordination, increases energy and resistance. It also contains antioxidants that can help prevent certain diseases and the effects of aging. A cup of black coffee, without sugar and milk, contains practically no calories, so you can consume it without worrying about losing weight and enjoy its benefits.

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