Packaging solutions for the modern consumer

Packaging must be able to quickly capture the attention of consumers and at the same time satisfy their needs; It must ensure comfort, ease of opening and service life. Today’s consumer is special and distinctive. The pace of life today forces people to eat and drink rapidly. At the same time, they are increasingly concerned about health, food safety and environmental responsibility.

There are highly regarded containers on the market, with new functional designs that suit modern lifestyles and demonstrate a commitment to innovation and design excellence.

One of the biggest challenges for the food industry in recent years has been the growth of busy consumers who demand “here and now” service in their shopping experiences. Responding to this trend, the market offers packaging in individual portions.

This cardboard alternative becomes the perfect option in which nutrients and vitamins remain intact and without preservatives. The advantages of these containers are easy to store and transport, simple and practical for consumption anywhere, because they are an ideal combination for an urban lifestyle, because they are designed to go wherever they go.

Expectations are constantly rising as consumers look for that “extra” experience with every purchase. Something important in the container is the height of the lid to shape serrated as it offers an enhanced experience for consumers who have difficulty holding. And one-step shutter provides a high-quality image.

Reliability, practicality and safety offered by the packaging are very important, and these are characteristics that the consumer appreciates. A modern container that is easy to open and requires only three steps, without the need for dishes. In addition, it is important that it can be stored in the refrigerator after opening and, as if that were not enough, save space in the cabinet. An example of this can be cardboard packaging for cans.

Marketing Director Tetra Pak Argentina.

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