Packaging strategies must involve consumers

According to a study conducted by the API Group, an expert in brand empowerment, 25% of the brands that participated in the research recognize influence of packaging in online sales.

The results showed that 73.5% of respondents believe that e-commerce offers an opportunity for brands and products. However, only 25% see packaging as an important opportunity to drive online sales.

63% believe that the rise of the e-commerce space is making physical packaging less important to consumers.

API Group experts believe the results reveal a growing need for retailers and brands to understand the benefits of differentiating packaging strategies for online and on-shelf products.

Richard Burhouse, commercial director at API Group, said the results show there is an established mindset in the industry that packaging is not as important as the online part of the sales process and therefore there is no need to invest in finishes and decoration that could encourage impulse buying.

“It is hard to ignore that many consumers prefer to shop online, but others still prefer to go to a physical store. Now is the time for brands to invest in packaging strategies that create a connection with the customer regardless of the purchase channel,” explained Burhouse.

The CEO emphasized that optimizing packaging for online shoppers must take into account the interaction with customers and how packaging can influence their purchase reaction: “Product packaging goes beyond the customer’s first impression, it is part of the overall brand proposition. With multi-purpose products, such as beverages, that are stored for longer periods of time, the packaging continues to strengthen the brand over time.”

The study states that packaging design and graphics are part of the experience a brand must offer. Therefore, the product must be presented in an appropriate way according to the audience. If you order a premium product, you expect a premium experience.

“Brands should not only focus on making an initial impression and standing out on the shelf, but also on making a lasting impression and how the product and its packaging feel to the customer. This applies to all platforms, but now more than ever online, as we continue to witness the rise of e-commerce,” stressed Burhouse.

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