Packaging trends after Covid 19

Companies in the sector packagingaware of the importance of raw materials in the entire process, they understand the new post-coronavirus needs and for this reason adapt their products to trends in the sector.

The most significant trends are:

  • Larger selection of sizes and formats adapted to consumer needs

Before the health crisis, there was demand for smaller containers, suitable for new types of families and consumers, but also for greater consumption outside the home. Now, with increasing concern about not sharing products to avoid contamination inside and outside the home, this trend is likely to continue.

In this sense, companies such as SP GROUP They work in single-dose formats, as well as in wrapped product bags, which combine several individual packages. On the other hand, in the current crisis, the savings format is in high demand, because consumers want to reduce the cost of their purchases.

Consumers want to see and know the products they consume. There are trends such as “realfooding”, a style based on eating real food and avoiding ultra-processed food, in which the product itself becomes the protagonist. In this sense, transparent packaging and those that allow you to see part of the content will continue to be a rising trend.

SP GROUP’s transparent rPET trays made of 100% recycled material that can be recycled, as well as window bags or containers made of biodegradable material BIO FVSOL are perfect solutions.

  • Personalization of the experience

Another immediate consequence of the shutdown is the huge increase in e-commerce globally. Online sales of all kinds of products where the customer couldn’t see the final product until home pickup has skyrocketed, which is why marketing campaigns that take packaging into account as part of the product buying experience have skyrocketed.

  • Materials that can be subjected to thermal processes

Safety and health in packaging is a priority in the food sector, and in this sense plastic materials provide the greatest guarantees. For example, PE HB ECO from SP GROUP is a recyclable structure with high barrier properties, which stands out for its ability to withstand heat treatments such as pasteurization, hot filling and microwaves.

  • Sustainability and respect for the environment

At the beginning of the year, every expert would highlight sustainability as the main challenge to be achieved in the packaging sector, in order to adapt to the new European regulations and the goals of Agenda 2030. However, the coronavirus has intensified this search for sustainable solutions. environmentally friendly packaging.

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