Pancho Lavaque wines are coming

Lavaque, Quara and Félix represent a noticeable change in image. Argentina.- With a noticeable change of image and a new campaign, Bodegas Lavaque is relaunching its product lines under the name “Los Vinos de Pancho Lavaque”.

The wines are produced at the Bodegas Lavaque facilities in San Rafael, Mendoza (winemaker: Daniel Lázaro Fernández), and at Finca Quara, in Cafayate, Salta (winemaker: José Luis Mounier).

“I make wines, I studied winemaking, I love wines and the truth is that I know a lot about wines. But I also like cars, food, impressionism and whiskey. I know much less about all that, but enough to enjoy it,” says Pancho, a graduate viticulturist and oenologist, who recently runs the family winery.

“The winery has about two hundred wines, but I chose three very different ones to start with. Lavaque, which is cheap and goes well with chorizo ​​steak with fries and a good snack. Quara, which is in the middle and has a small flame on the label. And Félix, which is great but expensive,” explains Pancho, according to the new campaign.

Designed by the agency MADRE, it consists of different pieces, which from October 1 can be seen on TV, in the cinema, on public roads and on the Internet. The commercials were filmed here and the protagonists are Pancho and his own car: “I’m talking, but they won’t see me because I’m a little shy about these things, and I’m in my car. Yes, the car is my mail. I have to admit that the agency found a pretty clever way to release me.”

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