Pepsi relanza antiguo packaging

A well-known brand of soft drinks is revolutionizing Argentina by relaunching the old packaging.

Argentina.- As part of the “Pepsi Challenge” campaign, the brand decided to embark on a journey into the past and follow the slogan: “If you do something retro, do Pepsi!”

In addition, vintage design soft drink vending machines have been installed where consumers can purchase the product for as little as 1 peso (7 cents), while at traditional outlets the price is normal.

Social networks were a place of strong resonance for this campaign and there are positive comments in favor of the reappearance of the old packaging, all under the hashtag #DesafioPepsi

Purchase of drinks with this design is for a limited time and can be found at most outlets in the country. Because of this success, the campaign could be applied in other parts of the world.

Source: Black Market

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