PepsiCo lanza Lipton iced tea

Tea with lemon flavor and tea with peach flavor.

PepsiCo, the global beverage giant, counting on the growth of the domestic market, has just launched “Lipton Ice Tea”, a natural tea drink. This new product is available in two flavors: lemon-flavored tea and peach-flavored tea, in a 500 ml plastic bottle.

Lipton Ice Tea, the world leader in the tea category, extracts the best leaves from its plantations around the world, in order to offer consumers the maximum benefits contained in this plant.

The presence of antioxidants strengthens the body’s immune system and protects it by reducing wear and tear at the cellular level, which affects many physiological problems and diseases, such as premature aging, atherosclerosis and cancer.

This new drink can be found in major convenience stores and supermarkets in Lima for S3.00/0.00 nuevos soles.

The establishment of “Lipton Ice Tea” expands the portfolio of brands managed by PepsiCo in Peru.

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