Personalized tea to take away

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International.- Tea Bar is a tea house in Amsterdam. There you can choose and mix different tea leaves and ingredients of your choice. The owners asked the Dutch agency Proud Design to come up with a new packaging concept so that people, especially women, who are the biggest consumers of tea, could take their mixture home.

In this way, with The idea of ​​creating your own personality came from the idea of ​​this packaging design. They took the idea from rolling up cigarette bags to pack tea leaves. The bags are printed with different motifs as a personal detail for yourself, and as a sign of identity and attention to others. The labels that open and close the bag and preserve all its properties use the names of fashion brands as a play on words. This is how they put Choco Chanel instead of Coco Chanel. So it seems that you are taking a branded clutch bag instead of a tea bag.

Source: The Dieline

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