PET bottles make up almost a third of domestic waste generated in the country

According to the calculations of the Confederation of Chambers of Industry in Mexico, 9 billion PET bottles are produced every year, which represents almost a third of the domestic waste produced in the country, so an average of 90 million bottles of soft drinks and purified water annually. they are dumped on public roads, forests and beaches in Mexico.

According to data from the Mexican Recycling Association, by 2008, there were slightly more than 24 companies dedicated to PET recycling in the entire country, with a recycling capacity of 780 thousand tons.

The organization points out that this industry can be constituted as an important alternative to environmental protection, at a time when garbage has become a complex problem of an immeasurable extent for nature.

Currently, Mexico is the second largest consumer of bottling resin. The demand for virgin resin is 700 thousand tons per year. This puts the country at a comparative advantage over other economies, but technological investment and collection organization are needed to make this market more competitive.

Countries like China and India demand 75% of the 30 thousand tons of plastic that Mexico recycles, which is a very important market opportunity for national exporters. In the United States, 60% of household carpets are made from recycled PET.


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