Plantbaser digital platform accelerates alternatives to meat and dairy products

The plataforma digital Plantbaser is designed to quickly turn a plant-based food or beverage concept into a finished product in two weeks. With the configurator, manufacturers can define the criteria for the product they want, building from Planteneers’ extensive portfolio of solutions and configured to their requirements.

With this technology, customers can explore different recipe variations for alternatives to cheese, fermented dairy products and meat products. Mayonnaise can also be configured with it, and soon various plant-based pastries and alternatives to egg and fish products will be offered.

Market of plant-based products It’s news for many of Planteneers’ clients. At the beginning of a joint project, there is often a phase of joint discovery in which the client gets to know all the possibilities and knowledge about combinations of ingredients.

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A platform that does not require specialized knowledge about plants

For conventional producers of meat and dairy products, Herbal base it offers the key advantage that it does not require specialized plant expertise to operate. In addition, users can focus on broader marketing aspects, such as examining what is already available in the market and what gaps they can fill with their offering.

Also, Plantbaser displays videos that convey a realistic impression of a particular product. Which change depending on how the user changes selected properties, such as color and texture.

For this visualization, the company made videos of countless products, so you can see how the final product will look directly on the screen. I can immediately see how the texture changes if they increase or decrease the fat or protein content. The biggest challenge was to present properties such as taste and texture in a way that was visually understandable and selectable by the customer.

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Herbal base

From technology to the table

Technological advances have created significant innovation opportunities for the entire food and beverage industry. Which led to Innova Market Insights connect ” technology on the table ” as the third top trend for 2022.

From product conception to commercialization, advances in artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT) are expected to raise the bar for food of the future. Digitization in B2B is progressing enormously. Digital customer contact has already become commonplace.

Planteneers has access to the knowledge of around 100 R&D experts and the extensive application technology of a large Stern Technology Center in Ahrensburg, Germany. As part of the Technology Center, the Plant-Based Competence Center formed in 2019 is a creative group alternative solutions.

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