Plasimagen, an exhibition with a sustainable vision

The exhibition will present to its more than 30,000 visitors specialized solutions in machines and equipment for recycling plastics, as well as biodegradable and recycled raw materials.

Recycling and biodegradability, both approaches will be present in the exhibition area of ​​the twentieth edition of PLASTIMAGEN MÉXICO®2016, the most important international business forum for the plastics industry in Mexico and Latin America. Thus, the exhibition reflects the topicality that the issue of plastic waste has taken on and the actions that the industry itself is taking to reduce the large amounts of waste that end up in landfills, landfills and tributaries.

“With the rapid growth of the global population, the need for a more sustainable economy is a vector of innovation in materials,” says consultancy AppliedMarketInformation. “Plastics are especially at the forefront of these researches, given their ubiquity, which enables them to be present in all aspects of everyday life, from packaging and packaging for the food industry, to the most demanding materials for the automotive and construction industries. , or even vital medical devices.”

“However, the lack of adequate final disposal and the fact that polymers are mainly obtained from non-renewable fossil sources promote the search and development of alternative sources for biodegradable materials and achieving a virtuous circle. in terms of recycling.” With the increasing presence of alternative materials, which come from biological sources, as well as progress in LifeCycleAssessment (LCA) studies, there is an important development of machines and raw materials that seek to close the circular economy in terms of plastic recovery and recycling.

Among the 850 companies participating in PLASTIMAGEN MÉXICO®2016, the visitor will have the presence of dozens of companies whose area of ​​expertise is precisely the sustainability of plastics, either in the form of raw materials (recyclable and recycled resins, biopolymers, additives), or in the form of specialized machines for crushing, washing, drying, depolymerization machines and more specialized solutions for the recycling business.

“There are many qualities that plastic offers to consumption and everyday life,” said José Navarro, general manager of EJ Krause, organizer of PLASTIMAGEN MÉXICO® 2016, “without a doubt, environmental friendliness is one of them: It takes less. energy for their production, their low weight allows savings in the use of fuel during product distribution, as well as in waste collection, and, finally, they offer greater added value thanks to processes such as mechanical or chemical recycling or energy recovery that is possible when they are burned. “

“We are very interested in PLASTIMAGEN MÉXICO® 2016 offering visitors a wide range of what the plastics industry has to offer in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility, not only as an environmentally conscious transformational sector, but also as a business alternative that is increasingly interesting in today’s globalized world. “Technological innovations and the development of biopolymers, the best machines for the recycling business, as well as top-notch equipment whose calling card is energy saving and efficient production of plastic products.”

On March 8, a series of conferences will open the day with the participation of important companies that will analyze technological innovations applied to the sustainable achievements of the plastics industry: renewable alternatives to polymers produced from fossil waste through bioplastics produced from biomass sources of corn, starch and even algae, which become biodegradable products and materials, as well as solutions to pollution, PET recycling and how to recycle plastic bottles, among others.

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