Plastic bags: the real solution is recycling

Plastivida Argentina, the entity that controls the quality of products produced in the plastic industry, claims that the real problem caused by contamination with plastic bags is the lack of education of the population and the lack of proper policies for proper waste management. .

Raúl Segretín, head of Plastivid’s local headquarters, explained that, contrary to popular belief, plastic waste “does not pollute land or water because it biodegrades or dissolves in liquids and therefore does not create pollution.”

What they produce – he assured – is a visual impression. “The problem is not only in the stock market, but largely depends on the level of awareness of the population and the public policies that are applied in relation to waste management,” said the representative in the country of the organization that has been working on the topic of plastics and the environment for 17 years.

Instead of betting on biodegradation, this entity aims to promote legislation that allows the recycling of packaging made of polymers. According to Segretín, the cost of naturally degradable material is six times higher than that used for various applications in current industry.

“It is not really possible to replace one material with another. Biodegradable substances are not produced in Argentina. Therefore, it would be optimal to use the stocks that already exist and transform them through recycling,” he said, adding that the key tool in this aspect would be a national law that determines the treatment of packaging waste.

According to Plastivid records, there are currently 42 companies across the country dedicated to plastic recycling.


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