Plastover sells thermoformers

This series of automatic thermoforming machines is aimed at substantial food containers, pots, trays and glasses. Plastover, the exclusive representative of international manufacturers of machines and accessories for the plastics industry, has announced the availability of a range of automatic thermoforming machines and complete installations for the production of disposable food containers, pots, trays and cups from different materials (HIPS, PS, PP and PET).

One of these pieces of equipment is OMV Machinery, an automatic thermoforming machine designed for medium or low production, with an electromechanical drive for forming and cutting in the same station. According to the company, it is extremely flexible, so it can process all types of thermoplastics and co-extruded materials with a thickness of 0.2 to 2.8 millimeters. OMV Machinery has a molding surface of 850 x 250 millimeters and a power of 16 tons. “The F25/5 model is easy to operate and requires little maintenance, and its long oven allows PP parts to be formed even starting from sheet metal, thus avoiding the use of preheaters,” explained Plastover.

While the OMV Machinery F 87 is an automatic thermoforming machine of high capacity, for shaping and cutting in the same station, with a molding surface of 850 x 650 millimeters and a force of 80 tons. The machine can use sheets from 0.2 to 2.8 mm. fat, the marketing firm reported.

Source: Plastover.

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