Plum waste could fight harmful bacteria in the food industry

According to research conducted by two research groups University of Jaén (UJA) they managed to isolate the molecule plum waste which fights against harmful bacteria from the food industry. It is specifically the woody residue of this tree that is usually discarded after pruning and separating its joints.

The researchers were able to confirm that out of the various isolated molecules, certain polyphenols have antibacterial properties capable of fighting microorganisms such as salmonella. The polyphenols These are aromatic chemicals commonly found in vegetables such as red fruits.

The research entitled “Antimicrobial activity of phenols isolated from wood pruning residues of European plum (Prunus domestica L.)” and published in ‘Industrial Crops & Products’ is one of the first studies that analyzes European plum residues from a chemical point of view.

Use plum waste

The extraction of these compounds would use large amounts of disposable agro-food biomass in the areas of Andalusia and Extremadura, where this crop grows. Scientists from the ‘Compounds of Biological Interest’ and ‘Food and Environmental Microbiology’ groups at the UJA state that they collected wood biomass samples from European plum trees in the Cáceres area.

After that, it was crushed and subjected to a series of chemical techniques to extract the remains and obtain polyphenolic compounds such as condensed tannins which have anti-inflammatory properties and epicatechin which, among other things, slows down the aging of cells.

After the pure molecules of various compounds were obtained, experts confronted them one by one, in vitro, with some of the the most harmful bacteria in the agri-food sector such as Listeria and Salmonella. In this way, they confirmed that polyphenols have better antimicrobial properties.

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