Powdered beer, an invention that will change the world of alcohol

The creative brand of this revolutionary invention is, Monastery brewery New stationof German origin, which in translation means cmonastery beer and they are also German monks who created this invention in three presentations.

“It’s the first beer made entirely from dust and it could change the world,” Stefan Fritschgeneral manager of the brewery.

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How is powdered beer prepared?

Made from destroysmalt, hops and yeast, becomes a powder, combining quantities exactlythe consumer dissolves two tablespoons in water and stirs well, immediately the drink acquires that traditional color and even the foam that characterizes the drink.

Hay beer for all consumerstaken into consideration that The company releases three versions:

  • Langer: From improve popularfermented with yeast at low temperatures.
  • Pilsner: Recipe originally from Pilsner Republic Czech, it has a light and fresh tastebut at the same time intense.
  • dark beer: Classic German, dark as the name suggests, with a strong taste reminiscent of chocolate or coffee.
Brewed from dextrin, malt, hops and yeast, it only needs water to mix. Photo: Freepic

The influence of beer on the environment

It consists of 90% waterthe beer industry is one of the industries that has the greatest impact on the environment and is the most consumed in the world.

Except, The brewing industry consumes a lot of glass, the material contained in it scarce in different parts of the world.

He is estimated to be in Germany will have savings in between 3 and 5% emissions CO2, If this invention were to spread to other companies, carbon reduction worldwide would be halved.

When you see the individual data of each company, it may seem small, but if you add up the data of all companies, you will understand why the ecological footprint It is so damaged, little by little a big change can be made.

German monks concerned about ecology

By removing the production water and taking care of the taste of the powder it is with going to prepare, The German company is reducing distribution costsbut no only This is a benefit to the industry, and also to the environment, which gets a smaller carbon footprint.

What many might think is that monks are older people, with big robes that only they study of theology, but not so in this case, the German monks who created the company Monastery brewery New station They carefully studied the process of turning beer into powder.

They are not alone with him launch from product, They have group support BMWi and the German Federal Ministry of Economy, as well as local beer consumers and environmental organizations that applaud the product.

The beer industry consumes a lot of glass, which is in short supply. Photo: Freepik

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