Powerade Zero, same formula, zero calories

Mexico.- Coca-Cola Mexico announced the launch of POWERade Zero, an innovative calorie-free sports drink that also retains all the benefits of the original ION4 formula, which restores the four minerals lost through sweat: sodium (NA), potassium (K), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). , essential elements that contribute to the optimization of physical performance before, during and after exercise.

The DNA of POWERade Zero is characterized by special characteristics such as discipline, character, effort and commitment, virtues that are perfectly connected with the determination and persistence of the Mexican woman who leads the world racket, Paola Longoria, will be the ambassador of this launch, she is an example of motivation, enthusiasm and commitment physical activity.

“For me, as a Mexican athlete, it is an honor to be able to contribute to the promotion of physical activity with this innovative drink. I have always believed that if you enjoy playing sports, your performance is much better,” commented Longoria.

POWERade Zero is a hydration proposal for all sports fans who need to work harder and continue to enjoy what they do regardless of the time of day and place, everyone who exercises needs proper hydration and that is exactly the goal. POWERade, rehydrate quickly and effectively help prolong energy.

For his part, Sergio Spínola, director of the POWERade brand, highlighted the virtues of this innovative product: “The new POWERade Zero is designed for all people who want to optimize their performance and make physical activity a real lifestyle and helps provide energy to achieve all your desires, goals and unleash your true potential.

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