Premium spices and seasonings

The packaging of the High-End Herbs & Spices 1854 line has a black background in contrast with the bright and metallic color of each product, which conveys quality and innovation.

Likewise, they reflect the different regions of the country: the Andes, La Pampa, the south and the north of Argentina, through drawings of culture, places, regions and cuisines, where the spices come from.

In this way, the design chosen for each container tries to move away from the conventional presentation for this type of gourmet products, in order to recreate the characteristic environments and thus get closer to the final goal: transporting the consumer to different places, uses and cultures, through taste..

The Hierbas & Especias 1854 premium line consists of 10 varieties, among which chimichurris and ground chili peppers from Los Andes stand out, as well as garlic, ginger, paprika, sesame and mustard. She has a Kosher certificate.

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