Presented at Argentina Wine Awards 2016

Wines of Argentina, the entity responsible for the image of Argentine wine in the world, presented the Argentina Wine Awards (AWA) 2016: “10 years of creating the future”. This event was designed and planned to evaluate and reward the quality and progress of the Argentine wine industry. has already earned its place as the most important event in the country.The 10th edition of AWA, organized by Wines of Argentina and the Argentine Wine Corporation (COVIAR), will take place from February 14 to 19, 2016 in the province of Mendoza and will feature Cristalería San Carlos , Tonelería Nacional and TNT as Platinum sponsors.

In its 10 years, AWA 2016 will draw a parallel between 200 years of independence from the Spanish crown and 10 years since the foundation of this international competition: Argentina is a young, stimulating and dynamic country. Through these two centuries, the country has developed a strong and passionate character. The wine industry integrates the best qualities of the country because the creation of exceptional wines is a long-term project rooted in the roots of our country.

Over the decades, AWA has actively and enthusiastically shaped the future and followed the growing presence of Argentine wines in markets foreign. With the aim of communicating our oenological philosophy, the diversity of our terroirs and our star variety, Malbec, this competition allowed us to share our passion with the world.

“The national industry has worked with conviction to constantly improve its quality, offer different expressions of its varieties and communicate with the wine regions. Over several decades, we have dedicated ourselves to a deep understanding of the potential of our soil. This promising land offers diverse terroirs, surprising flavors, deep aromas and exquisite colors. In the past, our industry has experimented, innovated and improved to create a bright future. With excellence as a premise, discovering and expanding our knowledge of Argentina’s terroirs has been one of our main goals,” said Guillermo Barzi (h), President of Winery Argentina.

To reflect the spread of Argentine wines around the world and the increasing importance of different markets, a jury was selected that not only represents different countries and nationalities, but also has a great knowledge of the global industry: Yang Lu (China), Anthony Gismondi (Canada), Marcos Flores Tlalpan (Mexico), Sarah Jane Evans MW (England), Jennifer Luk (Hong Kong), Göran Klintberg (Sweden), Paul Hobbs (USA), Phil Crozier (England), Adolar Hermann (Brazil) ), Alberto Antonini ( Italy), Jorge Lucki (Brazil). Local jury members include Sebastián Zuccardi, Roberto de la Mota, Daniel Pi, Andrea Marchiori, Mariano Di Paola and Pepe Galante.

With the aim of encouraging the participation of wineries from all regions of Argentina – the North, Cuyo and Patagonia – for the third time each of them will be awarded a special trophy.
Also, in this 10th edition, new categories have been established:
• The most innovative wine. The jury will have to consider the variety category and price range. Wines with personality, exotic and rare wines will be awarded.
• Wines of young winemakers, to recognize the work of a new generation of professionals up to 40 years of age.
• Personality of 10 years: through a vote of the wineries, this recognition will be awarded to a person who has collaborated in the development of the Argentine category.

In the last edition of the Argentina Wine Awards, held in February this year, 143 wineries participated with a total of 669 samples. More than 300 people attended the awards ceremony, including vintners, vintners, provincial authorities and directors of industry organizations. winemaking, jury members and journalists. In total, 4 regional cups, 14 cups, 19 gold medals, 193 silver medals and 369 bronze medals were awarded.

Source: Wines of Argentina and the Argentine Wine Corporation (COVIAR)

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