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Molinos Pulvex, which offers comprehensive grinding solutions, announced that it will present its horizontal mixer for different products at FTS&Expo. , will present its new horizontal mixer at booth 506 at the Food Technology Summit & Expo 2014, which will be held on October 1st and 2nd at the Banamex Center in Mexico City.

Pulvex mills and mixers are applicable in segments such as: sugar, spices, salt, dyes, chili, moles, corn, beans, rice, flourwheat, oats, shrimp, chickpeas, porridge, sauces, mayonnaise, syrups, dairy products and sausages.

The NEW PULVEX horizontal mixer, also known as a tub mixer, mixes any product, be it dry, wet, liquid, pasty; It is completely made of certified stainless steel, and is produced in different capacities ranging from 50 to 5000 kilograms per load. The entire load is homogenized every 15 minutes and discharged through the outlet valve.

There are 3 types of systems in a horizontal mixer:
1. Ribbonblender or ribbons: this system consists of an arrow and ribbons arranged in an appropriate way for mixing powders, such as chili, citric acid, sugar, salt, nutritional supplements, milk powder and many other products.
2. Center turners: this system consists of a boom and pods arranged appropriately for the mix products wet, oily or liquid, such as peanut paste, jams, fruit purees, semi-heavy creams, among others.
3. Pallets: this system consists of arrows and plates placed on them, ideal for semi-heavy pasta, such as cheese, chorizo, potatoes and pasta.

To learn more about this Molinos Pulvex mixer, watch the following video:

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