Produces high nutritional value from surplus food

Blendhub will partner with Essence Food to develop nutritious and affordable food products from excess food. The goal is to reduce food waste and loss. Well, currently more than 30% of all fruits and vegetables, all highly nutritious food products that can be dried into valuable nutritional ingredients, are thrown away.

With this contribution of new ingredients to the food value chain, nutritious and transparent food recipes will be developed. With a key focus on low-income and no-income groups who have the right to quality food. they call it #fresh2powder2fresh on food processing.

Both companies will optimize raw materials and create new ingredients with high nutritional value and long shelf life. The new formulations will be valid for 3D printing, starting with a digital recipe that combines different powdered ingredients. Technology optimizes the use of food and promotes personalized nutrition.

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Powder supply chain

The goal of the alliance of these companies is turn surplus food into functional food. The project is still in the first phase, but a multifaceted supply chain agreement is being formalized. Which define what type of product will enter the new powder-based supply chain.

For example, kiwi-based ingredients are developing affordable plant-based beverages, desserts, ice creams and breakfast food solutions. They are adapted to the preferences of local consumers in different parts of the world.

Taking into account the ingredients that Essence Food can produce through sophisticated drying processes applied to surplus food, Blendhub will work to develop new formulations and individualized recipes. This is to create new, more durable and nutritious food. products.

In addition, raw materials originating from surpluses that would otherwise be converted into methane will be transformed. The world can no longer afford any kind of food waste. For this reason, companies work together to optimize already available resources in order to basic diet be available to more people in more places.

Technologies for optimizing food surpluses

Essence Food’s freeze-drying technology and expertise and the Blendhub Food-as-a-Service platform aim to help food companies:

  • To shape
  • Produce
  • Launch new products

In addition, digitized food quality technology is used to validate fresh ingredients and formulations using Chemometric Brain software.

The freeze drying It is a low-temperature dehydration process that consists of freezing to remove water from the product. This is in contrast to dehydration by most conventional methods that evaporate water using heat.

Due to low processing temperatures and minimization of spoilage reactions, nutrients are retained and color is maintained. Freeze-dried fruit retains its original shape and has a characteristic soft and crunchy texture.

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