Psychomarketing with a human-to-human business approach

Psychomarketing studies people’s behavior related to the consumption of a certain product, but in a more comprehensive way.

That is, understanding the rational (cognitive), social (interaction) and personal elements and how they influence consumer behavior.

Psychomarketing provides a better understanding of how the 85% unconscious works and how to connect with it, giving greater impact to marketing efforts.

For this reason, companies have focused all their energies on this powerful tool that allows you to truly connect the human being with the human buyer, which is why it is said that methodology “man to man”.

Does emotion sell?

According to the specialist Benlly Hidalg thanks to its connection with the unconscious part of the mind, that which corresponds to the essence of everyone, which resides in the depth of our being where reason does not enter, emotion sells.

  • For this reason, psychomarketing is becoming more and more relevant. Because it aims to learn how to learn it, understand it and use it knowledge for work and take them to another level.

What is possible through real and effective communication that drives business growth, as well as brand recognition.

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Psychomarketing with a person-to-person approach

The H2H concept is closely related to communication. Therefore, it can be said that it is human to human marketing It is what was made by the people for the people.

That is, focused on the human side of the business relationship.

To achieve good results, this type of marketing pays special attention to the emotions of customers, with the aim of raising awareness and make connections durable and reliable.

Communication must be close, empathetic and affective, taking into account different realities and points of view.

  • In recent decades, consumer behavior has changed, forcing food and beverage companies to adapt to this change. The trend is more and more humane service, from end to end in the relationship.

That is, from purchase consideration to after-sales service.

Las H2H companies They are able to offer the best experiences to customers who feel safer and more satisfied.

Advantages of psychomarketing with a person-to-person approach

Companies that adopt the H2H philosophy and human to human marketing gain a number benefits. The main ones are:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Consistent access to services throughout the entire consumer buying process
  • Development of products and services according to the needs and wishes of customers
  • Greater proximity to the public
  • Market differentiation
  • Increased results

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