Quaker signs an alliance with UNICEF

Signing this alliance is a starting point towards fundamental actions that enable us to fight nutrition-related problems. PepsiCo México, through Quaker®, and the PepsiCo México Foundation, joins the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in a long-term alliance aimed at joining forces to address the nutrition challenges prevalent in the country that particularly affect children and adolescents.

As part of this cooperation scheme, Quaker® will support the initiative “Everything for the girls and boys of Oaxaca”, a program undertaken jointly by UNICEF and the state government since 2011 to protect the rights of children and adolescents in the 59 municipalities with the lowest Human Development Index (HDI) entities, through activities that promote education, identity and adequate nutrition.

Quaker® and the PepsiCo Mexico Foundation will participate in this initiative of UNICEF Mexico and the Government of Oaxaca with a donation of $5 million, with the brand’s experience in nutrition issues and the knowledge of the PepsiCo Mexico Foundation in the development of social programs in different communities. in the country, through intersectoral alliances. This alliance was developed in line with PepsiCo’s sustainability mission, Meaningful Performance, which is an investment in a healthier future for people and the planet.

“At PepsiCo, we are committed to actively working with global and local partners to help solve global nutrition challenges. Based on this promise, our alliance with UNICEF seeks to contribute to initiatives that promote healthy communities,” noted Pedro Padierna, President of PepsiCo México and PepsiCo México Foundation.

Mechanisms used to achieve the goal of the alliance are: creation and dissemination of updated information and knowledge related to the health and nutritional challenges faced by children and adolescents in the country; strengthening public policies on health and nutrition in places that are socially backward; and the articulation of actions between the public sector, private initiatives – through Quaker® -, academia and civil society organizations to improve the impact of actions on nutrition.

“It is clear to us that in the face of problems such as those that the country still has in terms of nutrition, the contribution of different actors is needed, which is why UNICEF Mexico and Quaker®, through the PepsiCo Mexico Foundation, have decided to join forces to contribute to the creation of solutions that have a positive impact on children and adolescents,” said Susana Sottoli, UNICEF representative in Mexico.

One of the first actions to be carried out under this alliance will be a campaign to disseminate information about the right to good nutrition in Spanish and indigenous languages ​​in the 59 municipalities with the lowest HDI in Oaxaca, which will also be used in health education workshops by staff community. Approximately 150,000 boys, girls and adolescents under the age of 18 will benefit from this action.

“Our commitment has always been a comprehensive contribution to the health and well-being of our consumers. The experience of more than 130 years of Quaker® in the development of products of high nutritional value, today allows us to take a step forward and create a cooperation scheme with UNICEF for the benefit of the nutrition of children and adolescents of our country that can be adapted and replicated in other regions.” said Johannes Evenblij, General Manager of Quaker Mexico.

This project is part of an effort undertaken by the PepsiCo Mexico Foundation and UNICEF since 2009, combining Quaker®’s knowledge of nutrition with UNICEF’s extensive experience in protecting the rights of children and adolescents, to strengthen the capacity of community leaders and families so that children of Oaxaca have access to the right to a healthy diet in the most needy communities in the state.

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