Queso artesanal La Vaschetta

Adrianita presented “La Vaschetta”, a pot of cheese, in a practical format that allows it to be peeled, grated or peeled.Argentina.- “Adrianita”, an Argentinian company that produces cheeses artisanal and multi-awarded internationally, presented its latest launch: “La Vaschetta”, a cheese pot. This innovative presentation offers the half-hour heart of the best Reggianita or Parmesan cheese in a format that allows you to peel, grate or peel the cheese and present it in an original and prominent way during a snack or event. It is an ideal product for moments shared with friends or family.

Once consumed, “La Vaschetta” can also become the most delicious and exclusive source for the presentation of pasta or rice with a hot dinner, since the cheese melts and mixes directly with them.

“Adrianita” is a company characterized by innovation and products of excellence, and “La Vaschetta” comes from its hands as a unique product on the market. It was incorporated as a new alternative to the classic presentation of hard cheeses, providing a creative and original to differentiate meetings and as an excellent gift to entertain a loved one.
“Adrianita”, a brand whose passion has become excellence in cheeses.

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