Quilmes 1890: special blonde

Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes presents a new variety of blue beer that stands out for its color, body and taste. Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes presents Quilmes 1890, a new blue variety that stands out for its golden color, body and excellent intense taste.
Quilmes 1890 is a Bavarian pilsener lager made according to an old recipe from the late 19th century that combines different malts, prepared by the master brewer of Quilmes to celebrate special occasions. Today, Quilmes is bringing back that century-old recipe and paying tribute to it.
This new variety will be launched in 355cc jugs nationwide in all sales channels and will join Quilmes Cristal, Quilmes Bajo Cero, Quilmes Lieber, Quilmes Stout, Quilmes Bock and Quilmes Red Lager to complete the growing range. – Quilmes Family.
Quilmes 1890 is the result of joint work between the field of innovation and the team of master brewers of Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes to offer consumers more and better products. The new variety has all the support and experience of the company. Its launch will be supported by an advertising campaign in public spaces, magazines and online media.
“Quilmes 1890 is a special blue with a body, an intense flavor and a golden color. This new variety confirms our intention to offer a beer suitable for every consumption, every moment and every encounter. With this launch, we open a year that will have many new features, always striving to surprise our consumers and exceed their expectations,” explained Fernando Mur, Quilmes brand manager.

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