RBK Half Race Day Information

Sunday 7th October, 08.30am


The race HQ is in central Kingston:

Market Place, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1JT

The race starts and finishes at this location.

Arrival and Transport

The event takes place in central Kingston, so there are plenty of public transport options available. However if you are local, please consider walking, jogging, cycling or getting a bus to the race.

Train - The nearest train station is Kingston Rail Station which is just 0.3 miles from the Start, approx a 7 minute walk.

Car - Our official car park partner is the Eden Walk Car Park which is just a 2 minute walk to the race HQ and Start. 

Address: Union Street, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 1BL. 

The Car Park will open early for the race at 06:00am. The special rate for runners is £5 all day parking (usually £14). No need to book in advance. On the day, Car Park staff will issue you with a voucher at the entrance. You will then use the voucher to pay when you exit the car park later on.


Baggage storage facilities will be available at Race HQ in the Market Place. Please note the organisers cannot accept responsibility for security and advise that competitors do not leave valuables in their bags.


There will be portaloos available at the event, just a short walk from the race Start. These will be signed on the day.

There will also be a small number of portaloos available on route at Hampton Court Station (approx 8.5 miles).

Race Numbers

Please note that we are not sending numbers out in the post in advance. You have the option of either:

-Collecting your race pack from the Up and Running store in Kingston town CenterCollection dates will be confirmed in due course.

-Or alternatively from race registration on the day. If you are picking up your number on the day please allow plenty of time for this. Only the person who has entered the race should collect the race number.

It is permitted to transfer race numbers to another person, but this should only be done in advance through the Race registration service operated by Sport Systems. This is a condition for entering the race and is extremely important especially in the event of illness or an accident during the event. It may also affect the results, and may mean someone getting a prize to which they aren’t entitled. If you would like to organise a transfer please contact: [email protected]

Pin your race number on the FRONT of your running vest or ‘T’ shirt, where it is most visible for race officials. Runners who do not have a properly displayed number or are identified as running under the wrong name will be liable to disqualification.
Please complete the form on the back of your number with your name, contact details and any medical condition. This will help in the event of an accident or illness.

Shoe chip timing

The shoe chip is secured by weaving it through your shoe lace; please follow the instructions in your race pack as to how to do this. Your chip will be detected as you cross the finish line and your time and race number will be recorded automatically. Results will be in finish position order. Personal chip times are for your information only.
Please make sure that you return your chip after finishing the race, otherwise you may not get a time!
There will be two times recorded for each runner. The first is what is called the Gun Time. It’s the official race time and is the time that the runner takes to complete the course from the time the gun was fired. The second is the Chip Time. This records the time that the runner actually takes from crossing the start line to crossing the finish line. The difference between the two times is the time elapsed from when the Starting signal sounds and the runner crosses the start line.
As far as the rules of athletics are concerned the Gun Time is the important time, and this is what the results and prizes are based on. The chip time though is important for the individual runner in assessing their performance in the race.


All competitors should try to arrive at least one hour before the start to allow time to collect your race number and timing chip from Race HQ. You will also need time for warming up and lining up. The Start is in Kingston Market Place. The race will start promptly at 08:30 am. Listen for the race marshals instructions to guide you to the start at the appropriate time.
Please be realistic about your expected performance, line up according to how fast you plan to run. Slower runners should move to the back of the group. The race cut off time is 3 hours.
Please pay attention to the pre-race instructions. These are for the benefit of all runners, and will help guide you through the course and keep you safe.This advice is for your own safety and that of other road users.
You must be certain to run over the matting at the start line to ensure that your chip is registered.


The Finish is in the same place as the start in Kingston Market Place.
The timing chip inside your number will record your race time as you cross the line. Make certain that you run over the matting in the finish funnel, this will ensure that your chip is registered. Once you have crossed the finish line, don’t stop, keep moving to the end of the funnels; stay in the exact order in which you have finished. Please don’t get ahead of anyone in the finish funnels. This is very important for accurate timing and placing. If someone gets in front of you, politely ask them to go back, they may not only get your hard earned place and time, but they may also mess the whole results up.
Please recycle your running number! We have a recycling policy for the race so please help by dropping your number into the bins provided, unless you wish to keep it as a race momento.
On completion of the race, runners will be presented with their finishers medal, T-shirt, fruit and water.

First Aid

Professional First Aid cover will be available at the race to provide medical support if necessary. They will have an ambulance/marquee at race HQ in the Market Place.

Medical Conditions

If you have a medical condition that will need consideration should you be taken ill, during the race, please write the details on the back of your race number. If you feel unwell before the race, or have not been well for a few days prior to the event, please do not start; remember there is always another year and another race.

Prize list

Men                                               Women

Open       1-3                                 Open       1-3

V40         1st                                  V35         1st

V50         1st                                  V45         1st

V60         1st                                  V55         1st

V70         1st                                  V65         1st


Men’s Team, Open (4 to score)      1st

Ladies Team, Open (4 to score)     1st

Race Discipline and Rules

The route runs on public roads. Keep to the left of the road, pavement or path during the race. Take care when overtaking and make way for faster runners. If you need to stop or walk for any reason, please move to the side of the course, so as not to impede other runners. Instructions issued by the Race Marshals, who will be wearing fluorescent yellow bibs, MUST be obeyed. They will advise you of any hazards.
In line with UK Athletics rules the organisers prohibit the use of headphones during the race, as these may prevent you from hearing instructions from Marshals.
Any runner not complying with these rules is liable to disqualification. The Race Referee’s decision is final at all times. This advice is for your own safety and that of other road users. Without your co-operation it is not possible to hold a race on public roads.

The race will be held under a UK Athletics licence (UKA) rules.

Policy on refunds, deferrals and transfers.

 We regret that once you have entered the race we do not offer refunds.

We are involved in race organisation for a period of at least six months prior to the event taking place. Costs are incurred from the outset and your entry fee is invested into the cost of staging the event – everything from the start and finish venues, to printing, advance ordering of medals, race numbers, first aid, toilet hire and marketing and VAT. Additionally, KBC always make a direct contribution to charity from the entrance fees. For this reason we are not able to offer a refund if you withdraw or are unable to run.  However if you inform us you are unable to run due to an injury or for medical reasons, or you contact us within 14 days of making your booking, we may at our discretion offer a deferral to the following year. No deferrals will be offered once we have reached 28 days from the race day. We do allow transfers to another runner if you follow the official procedure. You must find a replacement runner to take your place and complete a transfer form which is available from our agents, Sport Systems.  There is an admin fee of £5.00 if we transfer your place. The number will then be transferred to the new runner.
Please do not run with someone else’s number, or pass your number to another runner unless you have officially transferred. Non registered runners are not covered under race insurance and in the event of Accident or illness during the race, we will not have correct information for medical personnel or contact details if we need to contact friends or family. Runners identified in unofficial transfer of numbers may be banned from future races.

If the race is cancelled or postponed. The race organisers will endeavor to ensure that the race takes place on  the date and at the time advertised. If for any reason it is not possible for the race to take place, updates will be posted on the event website and all runners for whom we hold email addresses will be contacted. In the event of cancellation or postponement, runners will be given the option of transferring their entry to the revised date if it possible to reschedule. Because of the substantial costs incurred by the event prior to it taking place no refunds will be offered.

Course Variation. The race organisers have a policy of having all courses independently measured in advance, using an officially accredited measurer from the Association of UK course Measurers. In some circumstances the actual course  may vary from the measured course, due to circumstances outside the organisers control. Should such variation occur, the organisers will give details. We regret that in these circumstances no refunds will be made, nor any recompensed offered.

To download a printable version of the above info click here.