Rapa Nui receives the Planeta Milenio 2012 award

The award given by the International Statistics and Marketing Group (GIEM), thanks to the careful treatment of raw materials carried out by the company, Rapa Nui Chocolates, a traditional gastronomic company of the city of Bariloche, won the 2012 Planeta Milenio Gold Award, which rewards the best companies in the country taking into account “quality , image and prestige”. Rapa Nui also received the 2012 New Millennium Planet Award in the commercial category “Manufactured Products”, reaffirming the brand’s commitment to the careful treatment of raw materials.

“It is an honor that Rapa Nui was chosen as the best company in Bariloche for the quality of its products and brand image,” said Leticia Fenoglio, referring to the chocolate company.

“Every day we carry out a rigorous selection of raw materials and work on preparation chocolate the richest and most prestigious craftsmanship in the city,” he said. “We are increasingly committed to strengthening the brand and are proud to be recognized in this way,” said Fenoglio.

Rapa Nui is in the process of expansion. At the beginning of the year, he opened a restaurant in the Recoleta district of Buenos Aires, and recently he also opened the largest inn in the entire Cerro Cathedral. They make their own coverage from raw materials cocoa: cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa powder. They do not use preservatives, dyes and artificial essences, only original products, and they use them daily to guarantee freshness and quality.

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