Recovery launches packaging

The new single-dose bottle is lighter and easier to handle.

International.- Sport Life Recovery Dairy Drink with chocolate flavor launches new packaging of 330 ml to adapt to consumer needs. It’s a shake with all the necessary nutrients to help your body recover after exercise, now it’s easier to transport and take anywhere.

Its new improved formula provides less sugar and a higher protein content (26g per bottle) than the previous 1L format, which it replaces. So the new Sport Life Recovery of 330 ml becomes the perfect drink to drink after exercising outdoors or in the gym.

Recent scientific research confirms that 45 minutes after playing sports is considered the ideal time for hydration and nutrition. The new single-dose bottle of Sport Life Recovering, lighter and easier to handle, makes it easier to consume it during this period of time by being able to comfortably carry it everywhere.

This new product, jointly developed by Central Lechera Asturiana and Sport Life, responds to consumer demands and represents a commitment to the growing sports nutrition market.

Source: Central Lechera Asturiana

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