Recycled bottle, new packaging for this line of milk

Spain.- As part of its commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, the Spanish company Leyma announces the launch of the first 100% recycled milk bottle From Spain.

With this, the company reaffirms its commitment to care for the environment. He shares the concern with a large part of his consumers and continues to drive reducing the use of plastic.

The new recycled bottle is designed taking into account all stages of the product’s life cycle:

  • extraction of raw materials
  • material production
  • transformation
  • distribution
  • utilization
  • final stage

The material used by the Galician brand for the new bottle is a preform 100% rPET (currently the most recyclable and sustainable on the market), which represents a saving of 33.22 grams of CO2 equivalent per preform.

In addition, the carbon footprint is 31.7% smaller compared to the same preforms made from pure resin.

Bottles can be molded into different sizes and shapes. Photo: Freepik

Recycled bottle, an innovation in the dairy sector

rPET is PET plastic (polyethylene terephthalate) recycled. Among its characteristics is that it can be endlessly recycled.

If it is not suitable for reuse in a bottle of the required quality, it can always continue to be used for other purposes and industries such as textiles, public works and fencing, among others. For this reason, this renewable, recyclable and carbon neutral bottle was created.

Among the company’s values, sustainability takes a priority place; sustainability that extends from caring for the planet to caring for the rural environment and milk sector.

With this new 100% recycled bottle, the company takes a step forward at the sector level and continues to offer added value to all its consumers.

In accordance with Mordor Intelligencethe main factor in the expansion of sales of dairy products is the different forms of packaging that are available today.

They make milk bottles from recycled material

Earlier, milk was only available in cartons with gable lids. Milk is now supplied in brand-compatible portable PET bottles, an attractive option for increasingly busy consumers.

Part of the milk i drinkable dairy products Newer products, such as yogurt and smoothies, are presented in elegant single-serving PET bottles.

While PET bottles allow brands to differentiate themselves from the competition on store shelves, they can be molded into a variety of sizes and shapes.

Which offers more opportunities than cardboard to promote brand recognition. of demand for PET packaging, concludes the analysis of the consulting market.

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