Refresh yourself with new Perrier flavors

Spain.- Perrier, Nestlé’s premium sparkling water brand, expands its range of flavors with a new format: Perrier Lima one liter. Without sugar and sweetener, it is a delicious mixture of natural carbonated mineral water and natural lime flavor. This perfect combination allows the consumer to quench their thirst and refresh themselves.

Furthermore, with this new bottle, Perrier is expanding its flavor offering, which consists of two 50 centiliter bottles. lemon and lime, respectively. Perrier water is characterized by high carbonation that gives unique intense bubbles.

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Citrus flavors, a growing trend

According to the investigation he conducted Beck tastes83% of consumers worldwide agree that a healthy diet can build immunity and prevent disease.

Citrus fruits, berries and herbal products associated with super fruits or super foods have seen increased demand over the past year as they project the “halo of health” that people seek.

Bad citrus aromas They can be considered the main part of many dishes and drinks. With small adjustments to the formulation, the same citrus flavor can take on different flavors and profiles.

except, As a result of the pandemic, beverage alternatives have changed according to healthy and refreshing. In this sense, it is estimated that the market for products with reduced sugar content will record constant growth until 2025.

Even market research firm Wise Guy Research predicts that the sector will see an annual growth rate of 9% over the next six years.

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