Renewed Delizia ice creams

Careful attention was paid to the typography and its curvilinear features.

Bolivia.- The leading ice cream company in Bolivia has launched its new image created by Argentinian designer Adrián Pierini. The new identity preserves some of the original morphology, although the typography and curvilinear features surrounding it have been carefully reworked.

Delizia is a family company that has been on the market for more than 25 years. Its name is synonymous with quality and taste, and this characteristic is not a negligible problem because it has increased the responsibility in the transformation of the isolog.

In this regard, Pierini commented: ´”The project involved communication not only about the aesthetic improvement, but also the transmission of the evolution that the company has experienced during all these years. The result speaks of progress, of dynamism, of the renewal of corporate commitment to its own people and its consumers.”

From a formal point of view, it could be said that the elements have found their balance. The spaces created by the shapes are compensated, the thickness of the surrounding lines is related to the thickness of the identification sticks, which achieves a tighter set, the support is stabilized, and the shapes and finishes are polished, providing a greater impression and functionality.

As for the color palette consisting of red, blue, white and yellow, it has not been changed in order to continue the trail of memory that has been started since its creation, since the Bolivian public understands these colors as an indisputable synonym of the brand. The most important thing is that the transformation process will not stop with this evolution. Ignacio Lavadenz, the company’s deputy marketing manager, assures that this is just the beginning of many new features that the brand will introduce during 2016.

“We are very pleased with the change made by Pierini, we believe that we have laid a good foundation for improving all the innovations planned for the future,” he stated.

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