Restoration of Aquarius

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International.- Branding agency Delamata Design, specialized in the design of packaging, points of sale and creation of names, is responsible for the development of the new design of the entire Aquarius range, in regular and libre variants and in original and orange flavors.

Aquarius is a brand in tune with today’s times and therefore its image must be in tune. This does not mean being in the latest trend, but being within long-term codes in the medium term. Be progressive, not contemporary. The goal was to strengthen the leading position of the creator of the category by strengthening the codes that modernize it and separate it from the competition. Aquarius is a unique product from its DNA (hydration plus mineral salts) and this had to be reflected in its design.

It was created as an isotonic drink, the time of consumption of which was limited to the period after playing sports, and is especially suitable for people who enjoy an active and healthy life. The communication of Aquarius as a universal non-alcoholic drink meant that this moment of consumption was significantly extended to any time of the day, leaving the consumption on occasions after sports at 18% and in the same way its goal, from a sports drink to become a true refreshment for any type of consumer.

From that moment and after many research studies, the mission was to re-express the refreshing and moisturizing codes and strengthen the essence of the product.

“We had to go ahead and mark the category codes. We reinforce the message ‘No added sugars’ and separate the range with the name Aquarius Libre, conveying the concept of low-calorie product codes,” said R.Oberto Beltrán, Business Director of Delamata Design.

He added that Delamata Design, in agreement with Coca-Cola, worked on realizing the design of the new era of this drink, focusing on the four elements that are part of the DNA of Aquarius: color, letter A, drops and diagonality. .

“The key to the new Aquarius design is the distinct iconicity of the letter A, which is enhanced by the bold use of one side of the can. A great innovation for this format that always uses two sides. This allows the diagonalization of the brand to be reinforced, focusing the letter A on the package and thus helping to differentiate the taste by using it as a conveyance. Then we started a long process of work starting with Aquarius lovers. We started the process of analyzing the graphics, from the elements we had, analyzing the elasticity of each of them separately (background, logo…) checking little by little what we can give up and what we can’t”, he added.

He said the goal was achieved as the new image remains clearly recognizable to consumers, thanks to the turquoise and dark blue colors which are clear elements of differentiation and a key part of the corporate personality. The typographic redesign revitalizes its emblematic identity, with more harmony and modernity, without losing sight of the most representative features of its initial design and without changing its fundamental elements.

“This new work also stands out with the volumetric effect of the naming and enhancing the iconicity of the letter A, larger than the others, in a different color with a gradient effect, giving it more dynamism and making it the protagonist of the can. Treating the new design’s smaller droplets, which are treated like the sweat of a can, also reinforces the soft drink concept and makes it more palatable to the consumer. As for the distinctive elements of the range, while the regular version maintains the Olympic rings at all times as part of its origin and raison d’être, in the Aquarius Libre version this is enhanced by color coding (with white identifying it). difference compared to the other variety, and its sugar-free feature is highlighted. Aquarius Libre had to be identified as being from the same family as Aquarius, but with its own personality, and Aquarius Libre is a light, sugar-free soft drink, with different attributes than Aquarius, that frees you and helps you get on with your daily life when daily tasks, obligations and stresses make you feel mentally tired.”

For Teresa Martín, creative director of Delamata Design, the main goal of this project was to strengthen the leadership of the brand by strengthening its iconic character, making the attributes of its DNA relevant and creating a universal image that connects with a universal consumer.

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