Restrictive diets do not help weight loss

With the aim of continuing to spread the idea that restrictive diets are not useful for losing weight, the second No Diet Event will be held, after last year’s success and with the aim of continuing to spread the idea that child restrictive measures do not help with weight loss, Dr. Mónica Katz, nutritionist and founder of the Durand Hospital Eating Disorders team, will hold a second no-diet event.

The meeting, which will be free of charge, will take place next Saturday, October 27 at 9 am. in the Pablo Picasso Room on Paseo La Plaza and will be intended, with registration, for all those people who want to achieve a comfortable and healthy body without depriving themselves of the pleasure of eating.

“It is possible to lose weight without falling into chronic dieting, we have to abandon the starvation diet,” said Katz. And he added: “When we ban certain foods, the only thing we do is create a greater desire.” For Katz, you can eat anything, the key is measurement portions and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

At the No Diet Event, the reason for this new look will be explained, motivational exercises will be conducted, the experience of food will be felt and the ending will be a surprise.

Source: Dr. Katz Center

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