Reusable shopping bags

Companies from various sectors are launching eco-friendly bags and supermarket bags

The possibilities of the Argentine market to replace the traditional plastic bags supplied by supermarkets are not long in coming. What initially seemed like an inconvenience, becomes an opportunity to install new products and establish new channels of communication with consumers.

Supermarkets and other companies in different sectors are taking advantage of this new niche that is opening up, which find space to interact with their customers in this new need of the sector. Such is the case of Natura, a cosmetic company that launched a reusable shopping bag.

The product is part of the Believe it to See line. It is made of fabric, it can be folded and carried anywhere in the purse. Her design is simple, but her consumers appreciate what it means symbolically, especially because of the print on the front that says “This bag contains my choices”.

In its launch statements, Natura indicated that “this bag is an option to carry shopping, reduce waste production and raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection and responsible consumption.”

Supermarkets, with your own bag
Big box stores have also launched their own lines of reusable bags. Jumbo Retail, through its chain of hypermarkets Jumbo and supermarket chains Disco and Super Vea, launched an action aimed at reducing the amount of delivered plastic bags.

The first phase of this activity takes place during the summer at the Disco and Super Vea locations on the Atlantic coast, as well as at the Jumbo location in Rosario. The short-term project is to reproduce this initiative throughout the country, accompanied by a large marketing and communication campaign.

Each of the company’s brands has an exclusive bag that is sold at the same location. The company estimates that using a reusable bag prevents the use of at least 274 plastic bags per year per family.

In Bahía Blanca, a city located in the south of the province of Buenos Aires, the market chain Cooperativa Obrera has also launched its own reusable bag. The Ecoop bag has been on the shelves since mid-2008. Today, residents of Bahia use it for shopping, but also for transporting other things around town.

Added value for consumers
In Brazil, the trend is also to offer innovative products. A pioneering company in the production of stand-alone bags in Brazil, Tradbor, this year launched Tradbags on the market for the “needs of the modern consumer”. This product, in addition to being reusable, is resistant and recyclable.

Tradbags are an attractive option for stores: with them they can offer added value to their products related to environmental care and fashion.
Their designs are varied, some have a metallic finish, others have transparent windows, and all have a zipper system that makes them easy to open and close.

A new market for small and medium enterprises
Small designers are also bringing their possibilities closer, especially to young people. The company Violraviol devotes a large part of its effort to the installation of baskets made of recycled materials and the reintroduction of shopping carts like our grandmothers used.

The ecological movement is changing consumption patterns. The responsibility of every person and company to take care of the environment is already established. Reusable bags have entered the market with modern and fresh design proposals, in line with today’s times.

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