Rose-scented champagne

Mumm brings its first pink champagne to Mexico: Mumm Brut Rosé, whose taste and color reveal delicate aromas.Mexico.- A beautifully drawn rose will surely be what we experience every time we open a bottle of Mumm Brut Rosé, the first rosé champagne the company brings to Mexico.

It is the work of Léonard Foujita, a French-Japanese artist who was a good friend of the legendary president of the House, René Lalou, and both of them share a taste for beautiful things, but also the same spiritual values.

René Lalou decided to look for a symbol for MUMM Brut Rosé, and turned to a man whose style he greatly admired, choosing a rose designed by Foujita in 1958, which originally adorned the neck of the bottle presented at the 1958 Cannes festival.

Like Cordon Rouge, MUMM Rosé consists of 77 Crus; Between 12 and 14% of red wines are added during production, mainly from Grands Crus and Premiers Crus from cities known for their Pinot Noirs, such as Bouzy, Verzenay or Les Riceys.

The remaining blend is dominated by Pinot Noir (60%), the signature grape variety of the house that gives strength and character. Pinot Meunier (18%) gives a fruity touch and a balance that reveals subtlety elegance del Chardonnay (22%).

The final dosage is carefully balanced, six grams per liter makes this a Brut Champagne, while 15 months of aging guarantees the freshness and intensity of the house style.

Its appearance is slightly pale salmon with subtle orange shades, it is abundant with bubbles that create a delicate foam, and the taste reveals aromas of red fruit.

Its smell is like aroma fruit forest and pink grapefruit, dominated by small fresh fruits such as strawberries, cherries or currants that open with light notes of vanilla caramel.

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