Sales of plant-based products are growing in the UK

There is a growing appetite for plant-based food. Data from UK researchers found that meat consumption remained stable or even the same during the survey conducted during the “Veganuary” period, as plant-based products saw the expected increase.

Research from the University of Surrey found that meat consumption in the UK was unaffected by the campaigns plant-based alternatives. In addition, this study examined sales in British supermarkets in early 2022 during “Veganuary”.

According to the analysis, although the average weekly sales of Vegetarian food significantly increased by 57%, there was no reciprocal decrease in meat sales. Sales of plant and meat products were also monitored during the Veganuary campaign in 2020 (November) and 2021 (February and March).

“Our study suggests that while campaigning by retailers is driving increased sales of plant-based products, we are not yet seeing a large-scale substitution of meat, which is key to driving progress towards healthy and sustainable diets.” , dice Joanna Trewernlead author of the study from the University of Surrey.

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Food of plant origin is becoming more and more popular

Increase in sale of products of plant origin It was most notable in superstores and low-income areas, suggesting that retailers’ efforts to make them more affordable have paid off.

Current figures show that meat consumption in the United Kingdom exceeds the recommendations of the Government of that region. The National Food Strategy recommends a minimum 30% reduction in meat consumption to support the achievement of Net Zero 2050 targets which are aligned with the Government’s climate commitments.

To have any chance of meeting the UK’s climate change targets, the Government, food companies, civil society, scientists and health professionals must urgently work together to implement action plans and policies that can generate rapid and sustainable change.” Trewern concluded.

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