Sanpellegrino tonic water arrives on the Argentinian market

Argentina. – Brand Tonic water San Pellegrino comes to the Argentine market with a sign of creativity by being the first in the world to incorporate oak bark extractswhich positions it as a luxury ingredient for creating signature drinks and fine cocktails.

The main ingredient of the drink is spring mineral water which provides unique minerals from the Italian Alps and persistent gasification. Due to its low sugar content, the new tonic water is intended for mixing with spirits because it highlights the aromas of all the cocktail ingredients.

“We are very happy and have high expectations for the launch of this premium quality tonic in our country (Argentina). The big difference in its preparation is that only organic Italian fruit is used, all Sanpellegrino products do not have artificial flavors,” comments the brand manager of Sanpellegrina, Argentina.

Argentina: tonic water and soft drinks

According to the report of Nielsen September 2019, last year the consumption of tonic got a prominent place in the total number carbonated drinks, with a growth of 9%. Angel Moyano, from the Cunnington company, points out that the accumulated sales in 2019 compared to 2018, even in this context of withdrawal, had a growth of about 20%.

Among the top ten countries in the ranking is Uruguay, which ranks seventh. The study shows that for giants in the sector such as Coca-Cola or Pepsico, Latin America represents one of the most desirable markets.

Jonas Feliciano, analyst at beverage industry consulting company, points out that the carbonated segment is “an aspirational symbol for consumers with low incomes, who enjoy them in special moments with their family.”

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