Security in the value chain, the key to its guarantee

A health emergency caused by the world COVID-19 is a challenge for the world and companies in the food sector have a guarantee as a priority harmlessness in their products.

One of the challenges that companies face in production food and drink is to guarantee their safety, for which it is necessary to have a health strategy aimed at employees, visitors and co-workers.

In this sense, Mario Guzmán, quality and food safety at Sigma Foods commented that the first step in this strategy must be to control the health of employees in order to avoid coronavirus infections.

While participating in the webinar “Ensuring business continuity during Covid-19“, Organized by 3MGuzmán explained that companies must adopt a new normal from a resilience perspective, from where actions can be planned that guarantee business in this pandemic.

Security: Reduce risks

Avoid spreading as much as possible COVID-19 in the company’s facilities is the first part of this strategy. To do this, you must first have verified information about the virus so that you are clear about what actions you can take.

Company leaders food sectorOnce notified, they must implement a plan to prevent disease-transmissible conditions and to do this they must focus on the health and well-being of the people.

In this sense, it will be important to prevent the possibility of transmission with certain protocols ranging from establishing access control to take temperature, ensuring that staff use appropriate personal protective equipment according to their functions, or constantly disinfecting areas where there is a higher concentration of workers, to name but a few.

To implement a strategy that is more suitable according to the activities work areasexternal people, such as experts and consultants, should lead these efforts.

In case the sick person is registered in a group of associates, he will have to be guaranteed access to medical services, and in addition, the course of the disease and his recovery must be monitored.

In these cases, the next step is to control suspected cases to prevent the spread of the virus. virus in large groups of collaborators, and the measure for this will be the establishment of isolation and quarantine, if necessary.

This will ensure safety in food and drinkwhich is the biggest challenge for companies in the sector, given that these actions enable the operation of systems with on-site actions, which can lead to the modification of operating models for the future.

“It will be important to develop a culture of health among employees in order to in turn guarantee safety and thus prevent it from affecting us significantly in the future,” concluded the manager.

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