Sensient Colors presents powder colors

The company introduced an innovative line of natural dyes, which do not create dust clouds and also have improved solubility. Sensient Colors LLC, a business unit of Sensient Technologies Corporation (NYSE:SXT) and a global leader in natural colors, has introduced DustPro NXT™ natural powder colors, an innovative product line that extends the industry leadership of Sensient’s color portfolio. DustPro NXT significantly reduces dust cloud levels while improving color solubility compared to traditional powder paints.

Research and development team Sentimental created DustPro NXT Natural Colors to prevent paint particles from sticking, improve flow and reduce dust build-up. It dissolves quickly when water is added and the mixing time is shortened. In addition, DustPro NXT has a longer shelf life and shipping costs are lower than liquid natural paints. DustPro NXT natural colors are ideal for use in beverages, dairy products, bakery products and processed foods. To meet specific tinting needs, we offer a full spectrum of vibrant colors, including custom colors.

Mike Geraghty, Group President of Color of Sensient Technologies Corporation, commented, “The DustPro NXT product line offers our customers a new alternative to natural paint. Although these natural powder colors significantly reduce dust cloud formation and cross-contamination, they also have the advantages of longer shelf life, reduced cleaning time, and easier transportation. “We see our natural color science increasingly closing the gap with synthetic color technology and Sensient is working hard to create simple, compatible and off-the-shelf color solutions to advance the natural color market.”


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